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 1999 Fall Bulletin
How Good Is Your Community's High School?

The above chart lists all Fairfax County Public High Schools and their two most important measures of academic achievement:  SAT and Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) results.  The third column shows the average SAT score for 1999 seniors at each high school.  The fourth column shows the national percentile for that score. ... Read more

 1999 Summer Bulletin

 Governer Gilmore Is Right: " Don't Raise Taxes For Roads

Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore has drawn criticism from Northern Virginia politicians, editors, and business leaders because he is refusing to raise taxes to pay for more roads.  For example, James W. Dyke, Jr., the new chairman of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, has said the Chamber might support
... Read more

 1999 Spring Bulletin
Tax Increases:  How are They Spent?

As this newsletter has repeatedly reported, during the late 70s and 80s, Fairfax County government and schools increased taxes and spending much faster than population growth and inflation.  These higher tax rates cost Fairfax County taxpayers about an extra $1 billion per year. ... Read more

 1999 Winter Bulletin
Fairfax County Public Schools "Community Accountability Report"- What's Missing?

Since 1996, the Fairfax County Public Schools system has published an annual "Community Accountability Report" entitled Good Schools . . .Good for Everyone. Former school superintendent, Dr. Robert R. Spillane, and then school board chairman, Kristen J. Amundson, stated in the 1996 report that its purpose was to show that, "Our students achieve at very high levels ... Read more