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 2003 Fall Bulletin

Stop Taxation by Misrepresentation: The pro-tax forces' mantra is that in Fiscal Year 2002, Virginia Governor Mark R. Warner and the Virginia General Assembly faced a "$6 billion budget shortfall." This alleged shortfall is the basis for demanding tax increases in the name of tax reform, more taxes for education, and more local taxes.The phrase "$6 billion shortfall" suggests that the state budget decreased by $6 billion after FY2001. However, as the above graph shows,....Read more

 2003 Spring Bulletin
Public school spending increases ten times faster than enrollment:
Starting with the 2001 General Assembly session, the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance has hired the only anti-tax lobbyist in Richmond. The FCTA lobbyist has repeatedly publicized graphs showing that since the governorship of Chuck Robb, Virginia state spending has grown much faster than population and inflation. ...Read more.