2011 FCPS Budget Notes

Below are working notes regarding the FCPS Budget challenges for FY 2011.

FCPS Employee Benefits $606.5 million

"Employee benefits for FY 2011 total $606.5 million, an increase of $97.8 million, or 19.2 percent, over the FY 2010 estimate. This increase includes offsetting turnover and vacancy savings of $5.6 million and is primarily attributable to: 
  • A projected increase in employee retirement of $71.0 million, or 31.3 percent, over the FY 2010 estimate. The increase is primarily due to increases in employer contribution rates across the various retirement programs. The Virginia Retirement System (VRS) employer contribution rate is projected to increase from 8.81 percent to 12.91 percent in FY 2011. This rate increase combined with the VRS employee contribution of 5.0 percent, which is also paid by FCPS, results in a total contribution of 17.91 percent by FCPS in FY 2011, compared to 13.81 percent in FY 2010. The employer contribution rate for the Educational Employees Supplementary Retirement System of Fairfax County (ERFC) retirement plan is projected to increase from 3.20 percent to 4.04 percent in FY 2011. The employer contribution rate for the Fairfax County Employee Retirement System (FCERS) is projected to increase from 9.71 percent to 14.22 percent in FY 2011. The employer contribution to the VRS Retiree Health Care Credit is projected to increase from 1.04 percent to 1.08 percent in FY 2011."
(Source:  Page 62 of "FY2011 Proposed Budget" also attached below)

Increases in FCPS Employee Benefits

"The employer rate for the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) is projected to increase from 8.8 to 12.9 percent. In addition, FCPS pays the 5.0 percent employee VRS contribution. This results in a total FCPS
contribution of 17.9 percent compared to 13.8 percent in FY 2010. The employer rate for Fairfax County Employee’s Retirement System (FCERS) is projected to increase from 9.7 percent to 14.2 percent and
the Educational Employees’ Supplementary Retirement System of Fairfax County (ERFC) employer rate is projected to increase from 3.2 percent to 4.0 percent."  

(Source:  Page 36 of FY2011 Proposed Budget also attached below)

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