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2002-04-12 Club For Growth to defeat sales tax referendum

April 15 luncheon announces Virginia Club for Growth

Initial goal: defeat the sales tax referendum
Speakers : Grover Norquist, Stephen Moore, Pat McSweeney

A luncheon to be held Monday, April 15, from noon to 2 p.m. at the Tysons Corner Marriott will announce the formation of the Virginia Club for Growth. Speakers will address "The Great Tax Referendum Mistake", in which Virginia Governor Mark Warner and most of the Northern Virginia delegation to the General Assembly are suggesting that more tax increases will solve the region's traffic congestion.

Speakers include:

  • Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform
  • Stephen Moore, president of the National Club for Growth
  • Pat McSweeney , chairman of the Virginia Conservative Alliance
  • Michelle Easton, president of the Clare Booth Luce Institute
  • Peter Ferrara, president of the Virginia Club for Growth

Should the Virginia legislature approve a referendum to increase the sales tax in Northern Virginia by 11 percent, the Virginia Club for Growth will defeat it.

Arthur G. Purves, president of the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance, a co-sponsor of the event, stated, "If higher taxes were the transportation solution, rail to Dulles would have been built by now. The real cause of traffic congestion is that state and county government give schools and welfare higher priority than transportation. School and welfare spending have soared while inflation-adjusted transportation spending per capita is the same as it was 20 years ago. Whenever tax revenues increase, county and state government always find an excuse for not spending the extra revenue on transportation. Of this year's $200 million Fairfax County real estate tax increase, only $2 million will go to transportation."

The Tysons Corner Marriott is located at 8028 Leesburg Pike, near the intersections of Route 7 and 495. The press and general public are invited. Members of the press will be served lunch free. To make reservations, please email, or phone 703-642-5567. Visit for more details.