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2003-04-28 Supervisors raise taxes five times faster than Civil Service retirement pay

Did Hanley, Connolly mislead voters?

Arthur G. Purves, president of the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance, today released a chart showing that Fairfax County residential real estate taxes over the past four years have increased five times faster than Civil Service retirement pay.

The inflation-adjusted budget of the Fairfax County Public Schools is increasing three times faster than enrollment, compared to FY2002.

During their 1999 election campaigns, Supervisors Hanley and Connolly both told the press that they would not raise taxes. The following February they announced a five-percent tax increase.

"Did Supervisors Hanley and Connolly not know that they were going to raise taxes three months after the election, or did they deliberately mislead the voters?" Mr. Purves asked.